1. Heat your iron to 120-130° C or medium heat (Setting 3). No steam.

2. Iron the hole or tear you would like to cover to flatten any torn edges.

3. Remove the clear backing on the cover and place the backing on the inside of the garment under the hole.

4. Place the fabric cover on top of the hole.

5. Using the flat part of the iron (no holes) hold the iron directly on the cover for 1 minute, pressing down firmly.

6. Lift the iron and repeat for 30 seconds focussing on each corner.

7. Repeat steps #5, ironing for an additional 1 minute.

Total ironing time = 2.5 minutes.

Tip: Covers may look adhered to your leggings they may lift over time if they have not been heated for the full 2.5 minutes.