1. What type of fabrics do Covers adhere to best?

Natural fabrics that can be ironed: Cotton, Cotton blends, Bamboo, Linen, Hemp.

Covers are great any type of pants such as leggings, sweatpants, denim jeans, even tights! 

They also work great on the interior of leggings to reinforce the knee area. 

2. What type of fabrics do Cover NOT adhere to?

Fabrics that cannot be ironed. Please check your clothings care content label to ensure that it can be ironed before trying to apply Covers. 

Heavy textured fabrics such as corduroy. 

3. Can Covers be machine washed?

Yes, you can machine wash and tumble dry Covers once they are applied to your clothing. 

*Please do not use fabric softener when washing or drying.

 4. How long should Covers last? 

Your Covers should stay adhered to your garments until your child grows out of them.  Always read the application instructions and watch our video to ensure you apply them correctly to increase the longevity. 

5.  What size of Cover should I use?

We recommend going by the size of the pants not the size of the hole that you intend to repair.

Children sizes:

Size 12 months to Size 3 - Small

Size 4 to Size 7 or larger - Large

*Due to the amount of stretch in tights the Small Triangles seem to work best. 

*When applying a cover to a LARGE hole (more than half the size of a cover patch) we suggest using a second cover on the inside of the legging/pant to ensure there is enough of a surface for the covers to adhere to. Just line up the two covers and apply the iron to each side.  

6. Shipping times:

  • Canada: Approximately 5-7 business days 
  • USA: Approximately 8 - 10 business days
  • International: Approximately 2 - 4 weeks 

We ship globally, normally in two to three business days once the order has been placed (may increase during high volume times and promotions) Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (PST), via Canada Post through their Ground/ Surface delivery services, unless otherwise requested.

We are not responsible for any duties/taxes/levies imposed by local governments or import agencies for US or International orders.

7. Will I receive a tracking number?

When your order is shipped from our warehouse, we will send you an email to confirm your shipment.  If you would like a tracking number request 'Expedited Shipping'. Please note there will be an extra charge for shipping with a tracking number. 

8. Do you accept returns?

We don't accept returns. Yes, you read that correctly. At the core of our business decisions is our impact on the environment . Reverse shipping contributes to over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste annually. Ask us questions about our product before purchasing, we are here to help!